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I love this game, it's adorable, but I have a question, how did you make this? what game engine did you use? Can I please access the code if possible? or GitHub account if you have one. I'd love to see the process.  


I believe it was made with godot engine.

guys luna disappered what do i do???

Just wait

thanks! also i have been getting the note on 16th day whenever i woke up what does that mean?

Playing on switch. Is there a map available after choosing your island so I know where to build my bridges? if so, how do I use it? 

Very Good Game!


It says function signature mismatch after the loading was done.

FYI, crazy games has this for free, idk if you allowed that

Yes, it is only web version and with some ads. So it is not totally free

oh alr. just making sure :)

Love this game but can anyone tell me how to open the metal chest? Or is it meant only for decoration or something?

Decoration only

Hi! I play in your game on Nintendo, and cant find cows from last DLC. How I can find them?

It seems to be bugged. I figuring out what's wrong with it with the publisher. Generally it should appear as chickens, after day 15

Rn Niko live in 176 Day, and I bout chikens 26  days ago. Or you mean I need waiting 15 real days?

On 16-th day it should be available

I started a new save thinking maybe it's not populating because the first save is 244 days. The new save has 48 days and no cows! I have the DLC so I don't understand why it hasn't shown up in the game now. 
When can we expect the DLC to be debugged or fixed? Should I delete the game and then redownload everything?

Publisher assured me they are pushing fix. So I expect it to be out soon. I would suggest to redownload dlc after that if this is not working after fix

Any chance of getting the christmas event content? I started playing since the Valentine's update.

End of this year should be there 

Ok. Thank you. :)

hello! I am a big fan of your game and have brought it on steam, switch, and I was just wondering if you will ever bring the Christmas event to Switch and if you will ever bring the other events to Steam or as downloadable????


End of this year 


I love this game! And the fact that it is available for Android is great. It is a cute and relaxing game

Hi there, thoroughly enjoying this game on Switch!! How do I separate items one by one from a stack?? I've been trying different controls and can't figure it out


Hold r2 or l2 while dropping or transfering to the chest/mailbox to do it by 1 or 10

Ohhh while transferring, okay. Thank you!!

This is such a cute game. :D


I have question. Are you planning to add more languages to the game? I would really like to see the Czech language in the game. :D

Hi! No more are planned unfortunately 

I last played the game when it was in version 0.5 (2022). Now i remembered the game again and i see that it has progressed quite a bit. This is my first time buying a game on I'm not a big fan of buying games digitally, but that game was damn good back in 2022. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun with your game.

Thanks! More to come is planned. Although it will be not very soon since I am a solo dev :D

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I've only just started playing, but it is most definitely a super adorable game!! I usually don't recommend any games to my friends but I feel like they'd enjoy this a lot too, and the game definitely deserves it! I've only tried the demo version so far for personal reasons, but as soon as I can get my hands onto the full version, I most definitely will! I truly enjoy this game a lot, and I haven't come across anything that would affect the experience of playing it negatively! The game is most definitely worth its price too!! Another thing that surprised me though besides the really amazing graphics and functionality of the game overall (eg. being able to interact with tons of things, easily switching between tools) aswell as the storyline being easy to follow, having quite a bit of story but also not bombarding one with it in one go but rather letting you kind of explore it?, it has a lotttt of supported languages! I don't know why, but it shocked me. I speak a handful of the languages that are supported and they're accurate too!! It's just crazy to me haha. The overall atmosphere and background music is really sweet too, even at night (which is really cute to me due to the fireflies!!!!)! I really enjoy the SFX too, it fits the game exceptionally well and just adds a cute touch to it all.

So, verdict of it all: It's a game that is at the very least worth a try, and I've absolutely fallen in love with it!!!

Only question I have is, is it possible to, when I switch from the demo version to the full version, import my saved files? D: I don't have any experience with doing that and so I was just wondering!! I wouldn't really mind not being able to do that, as it might be a little complicated perhaps? Just curious!! :3


Thanks for the kind words. You will keep saves if you pick same version. E.g. if you played demo windows and play full windows version, they share the save location 

Ohhh okay, that makes sense haha. Thank you!!!! o⁠(⁠(⁠*⁠^⁠_⁠^⁠*⁠)⁠)⁠o

Is there more content planned?  Ive completed the story but stil haven't found a shirt which seems to be an option with hats and pets.  Played on my phone and loved it.  :)

Yes, regular updates and expansions are planned 

Can you not craft in the browser version?


You absolutely can

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Can anyone tell me how to report a bug. When traveling to other islands I cannot replenish energy by eating food I make in ovens. The food is not reacting to me eating and I ate like 10 pies but the energy wheel isn’t showing and it is not going back up. Playing on Nintendo switch version

Hi, this is a known bug when you eat something with energy buff like valentine's snacks. It is addressed and will be updated sometime in the future

Ok.  Thanks for letting me know. I’ll start a new file and play on it until then. ❤️

is there any way to remove a bridge?

Hit the start or end of bridge with a hoe or pickaxe couple times

Can you add the ability to skip the intro?


Hold escape or start button 

Cute art style. Is there gamepad support and will you put on steam?

Yes and yes! Already on Steam 

Deleted 81 days ago

beautiful and adorable like if minecraft and animal crossing somehow had a child


i love the little goober

Its so cute!! I love everything in this! ^^ When im able to im defo getting the full game :D

It's a very cute game, I liked it very much, it was worth my money :>

Thank you <3

Hi there, Jake from Spacefarer R&D here.

We would love to publish your game to XBOX! See information here:

Contact me at

Look forward to hearing from you!

I just bought this game but keeps prompting me to download the demo version instead of the full version. How do I fix this?

I also tried downloading the file directly to my Mac, but, the game kept crashing too 😭. HELP!

Try to look at the top of the page for download link

I tried that as well before commenting, but, that’s when the file started crashing on my Mac. It doesn’t get past the story part in the intro and it just freezes then crashes. 

Maybe it’s like this because I just updated my computer?

how to learn crafting 😭😭??

i guess i found it

Firstly, cute artstyle. Secondly, will thereb be gamepad support? And will this be available on steam? 

Gamepad support is there. Also there is Steam version

just here to say i am rlly enjoying the game so far!! a few quick questions tho:

are you able to get additional chests? i’ve been getting the storage upgrades but i was just curious. 

and is there gonna be some form of terraforming? i think i saw an update where you talked about adding it but im on switch so i was wondering if it was ever coming over lol

all in all this is a stunning game!! thank you for your hard work :) <3

Hello. Thank you!

Storage for now is only 1 chest. In future expansion I plan to get rid of sorage limits at all.

Terraforming is there, you need to level your character proficiency to unlock the recipe.

This game is so relaxing and wholesome. <3

jugue unas horas lo suficiente para decir que el juego es muy bueno los graficos se  mantienen estables y no tuve problemas al ejecutar el juego me gustaria que se ampliara mas la parte de la decoracion haria que la experiencia se sintiera mas completa pero fuera de eso me gusto mucho lo recomiendo si quieres pasar un tiempo relajante 

how do i use the bag and chest extenders????


nvm i figured it out

i really wanted to play this game, but i can't deal with paypal sadly.
if you will ever make the guest payment available, please share that info widely. :P

on a different note, is someone trying to copy your game here?

You can get it on Steam:

Also they just posted demo, so it is fine, it is not full game they posted

Hi, i found your game thru another game on steam that looks exactly the same and was wondering if its the same game under a different name or not? its called 'cute farmer life' on steam.

Hi, the games only share some graphics, but totally different. It is not my project 

hi!! i was wondering if there was a difference between this and the steam one cause they're different prices xx;;

No real differences in game itself. Just no cloud saves and no Steam achievements

ooo,,, icic, thank you!! i'll grab the steam one then ❤

I finished the demo, a very charming and well-made game!

Best game made in Godot!

Thank you! <3

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