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This game is super cute! I love how cozy and relaxing it is. 
On a couple of resets now I can't move forward because I just never got the fishing rod. Is there thing that triggers it? I tried going into the boat, in the house, near the water ect. 

also sometimes I can't open the chest no matter what I do. 

also how to rotate items? like a bridge

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Hello, I read that it says that saves are occasionally wiped for development purposes, but I cannot get my saves to stay at all. I am playing in browser mode so I am not sure if that affects it. Does it not save in the browser? Thanks in advance :)

I think you might have better luck if you download! Not sure if progress is meant to stay on browser mode, haven't used it though

Is there any way to drop items I found a shop on another island and bought star fruit seeds but my inventory was full. :

Nevermind found out how to

not all the sprite come from cup nooble asset pack did you make them or find them somewhere

Custom made by Cup Nooble himself

ahhhh cool um did you pay him and could you ask him if I can use them if it is okay with you

Paid ofc :D


How do I find the book in the basement?

How do I remove a bridge?

Hit the start of the bridge with a hoe or pickaxe

I cant go anywhere because my character says "I feel like something great happens today, I should stay!" Is this also a glitch?

No, the event is happening on that day. You need to wait and do something else in the meantime

What event?

Nevermind lol I fished for a bit and then I saw it

I don't think the backpack expansion and the chest expansion are working

It should work, just use them as any consumable item and it will extend inventory

oh, lol I didn't know I was suppose to eat them xD

The fences keep coming back after I break them

For some reason my character wont sleep even when it is nighttime, it says "I dont feel like sleeping right now." Is this a glitch?

It is an event happening on that day, just wait a bit

How do we pick flowers? I really want to remove them.

You can remove them with a hoe

How do we remove plots of land that we plowed?

You cannot remove it, it will overgrow after time passes

What happens if I eat the star fruit

Try it 🤩

I did before I sent the comment lol

question do you have a release date ?

Excuse me, is the GUI of the game's weather system a GUI package from Sprout Lands - Asset Pack?

How do I get the book in the basement??

in the next update you should add seasons

No seasons are planned yet unfortunately


The visuals are so cute. Love this farming game!

can i play it without the game ending?


Game is not released yet as a full

oki. thx for answer :)

This is a really nice game good job (:  I also have a question: what program/online thing did you use to make the level/tilemap

I just used Godot Engine

okay thanks

I can't wait for the full game!

Where did you find the assets?

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A lot of it is from Cupnooble:

But this game looks like a really great use of it :) all those little details are really cool! love it!

Thank you!


it says file is dangerou

beautiful game I did it's see a couple glitches like the sound if you go to sleep well it's lightning striking  but the one thing I would like you to change immediately is this you can't use a world says stay 15 doesn't matter if there's no special events can you just make it so I can play past a 15 thank you just know I'm not trying to be angry and I know it takes a lot of time to develop a game but I really love this game and I just want to play more of it as quickly as possible chefs kiss 

I really love this game. I've been playing it for the past few days. The graphics and audio mix are soothing. There's always something to do. The glitches are there, but not enough to interfere with my enjoyment of it. Also, a few of them went away with the update a few days ago!

I'd love to see more recipes for the oven. I'd also love to be able to mark a few items in my shipment as a gift for Ozlo. Basically, I want to flirt with a penguin by sending him baked goods. 

I do still find myself getting frustrated with the limited storage space. It's usually not a big deal, but occasionally I have sworn out loud because my inventory is almost full and I picked up something I don't need.

All in all, it's really cute. I can't wait for there to be more of it!

Thanks for the kind words!

So I hoped to build a bridge off to the south of this little outcrop, but it placed W-E instead of N-S, and now I've softlocked myself because I can't get off the bridge omg lmaooooo

You can use "Rescue Service" button, push top right button, click on gear icon and you will see it here

Can someone please tell me how to remove the bridge 

By hitting start or end of bridge with hoe or pickaxe

i got this error:

null function or function signature mismatch

how do i fix it?

Not sure, please try downloadable version for your system

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Is there a way to pick up wildflowers?

You need to hoe grown crops

Thank you

can we build a new house :)))?


hi, this is such an adorable and relaxing game!

i'm playing on the web version but if i download this game, will i be able to continue playing where i left off?

Unfortunately web version does not share the same save state with desktop version.

Your game looks really cute.  ^-^ The browser version is not working on my iPad Mini 4. I tried Safari and Chrome browsers. 

You might want to share your game on Instagram. It has a big audience that likes cute art and games. 

Unfortunately web version is not really touchscreen optimized. 

I will try your game on my laptop. Is your game on Instagram? 

does it run on 32bit computer

How do you have a 32 bit computer ???? What are we in, 1998?

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seriously, such a cute game, very wholesome gameplay with the cutest art <33 ! 

Thank you!

very cute!!! will you be adding more things to do in the future? :]


It won't load in the browser when I try to run it I get this message, "null function or function signature mismatch". I have tried refreshing my browser several times but with no luck.

Not sure what the issue is, cannot reproduce it using chrome, firefox, safari. It may not work properly in mobile browser for example or internet explorer

I'm using a Hp laptop and I am in a chrome browser. So I don't see why it would treat me differently from other computers.

Very cute, I liked it the first time I saw it

hope this game didn't get discontinued like the other game i love :)

I am willing to continue it after release if everything goes well :)

Very cute assets and game. I am trying to make a game like this to play on my own, but I am a beginner with programming in Godot. May I ask where and how you learned to code in GDScript? I've been trying to learn based on tutorials and they don't teach me enough to code by myself.

I am self-taught developer, I usually look for youtube video for solve my problem. You can start learning by watching Gdquest channel

Thanks, that's a great suggestion. You have a lot of systems that I also wish to make in my game, like fishing, inventory, weather, farming, etc. It may be too much to ask, but would you be willing to sharing some code with me, so I can learn how you made these features come to life? If not, I totally understand. I am just highly inspired by your work.

Well, you can view good tutorials here 

Excuse me, what platform is this game developed on? Unity? Or godot?


It is Godot game

Would you consider providing a material GUI? The asset pack I got from Sprout Lands - Asset Pack doesn't support me making a full game. If you are willing to publish the game's GUI material package, I am willing to buy it from you!

The author of sprout lands will publish GUI pretty soon I think

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